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Who we are

Founded in 2008, Cellpraxis® is a bioengineering company which researches and develops innovative products and services in the areas of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, particularly for diseases for which alternatives to existing treatments do not provide viable or effective.

The Cellpraxis® is part of Axis Biotec Group, which has extensive experience in R, D & I and translation of scientific research into safe and commercially viable therapeutic options

The company has as main targets the improvement or development of new cell manipulation techniques, tissue engineering, development of biomaterials and devices / medical equipment or equipment for therapeutic, diagnostic or prognostic.


The ReACT® is the first product CellPraxis® and comprises a specific cellular formulation indicated for the treatment of refractory angina, chronic and disabling condition, which affects thousands of people worldwide. In order to clinical improvement (pain) and functional (scintigraphy) with statistical significance in these patients, positive impact on their quality of life and reducing medical costs, ReACT® is a standard medical procedure in which a bioinfusão a specific cellular formulation is held ( MonoCell) in ischemic myocardium, promoting neoangiogenesis and subsequent reperfusion.

It has been clinically tested in Brazil, with standardized inclusion criteria, accreditation and continuing medical education (Training Program biosurgery), GCP, cGMP, GLP (Good Practices).

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