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Axis Biotec Group

The Axis Biotec Group includes companies 100% Brazilian, who work in research, development and commercialization of innovative services and business and economically viable in various health sectors. These companies operate in a specialized way, in various sectors, in biotechnology, crobiologia, biopharmaceutical, and cosmeceuticals.

The Axis Biotec Group ‘s vision is to become a reference in innovation, research and offer products and high standard service, efficacy and safety in the health sector, acting based on the highest standards of quality, ethics, respect for the environment, and the current law, which is reflected in its mission: the commitment to ensuring the Brazilians access to better medicines, on a commercially viable nationalization strategy of innovative technological platforms.

Silvestre Labs

Silvestre Labs ®  is a pharmaceutical company that has as main goal the continuous investments in R, D & I as a basic fuel for growth and recognizes that the future depends on the launch of new products through continuous research and training. Winner of the Innovation Finep Award and the Brazilian index of Innovation (FAPESP / Unicamp), Silvestre fosters, almost 20 years ago, a major innovation policy in industry, undertaking the translation of scientific research into products that benefit thousands of people and increase their longevity. Research has focused mainly on dermatological and cosmetic pharmaceutical products.

Currently, the company has the following products line being marketed: Dermazine, Dermacerium, Dermacerium HS, Vaseline salicylated, Ginodermazine, Dermidrata, Dentplaque, Extra Graft, Colzen, Free Bite, Bite Free Kids, Duo Duo Cycles Cycles and Essence. There are many others, however, in the development stage.

Cryopraxis Cryobiology

The Cryopraxis®  is the first mobile processing center dedicated to collecting and storing stem cells from umbilical cord blood and placenta. Operating since 2001, it occupies the absolute leader in its segment and now has more than 40,000 samples.

Focused on excellence in providing its services and high quality standard of its technical procedures, Cryopraxis has ISO 9001: 2015, and has been three times consecutively accredited by the AABB ( American Association of Blood Banks ), which means being in accordance with strict international level standards, it is recognized as a leader in our field of expertise, and also allow all our customers to use the material stored here in any other cell therapy center in the world.


The PharmaPraxis®  is a Brazilian platform, specializing in manufacturing and marketing biopharmaceutical technology. Development of biological drugs production routes through plant expression platform, with emphasis on tobacco.

The plant expression platform developed for the production of biological drugs is part of a joint venture established between PharmaPraxis and Plantform company in Canada. Among the products of this partnership, it would emphasize the development of medicines for rare diseases.

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