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PlasmaCord® is a platelet-poor plasma, derived from sterile umbilical cord and placental blood, obtained by fractionation (through a density gradient associated with centrifugation) of the starting material, umbilical cord and human placental blood, of unborn children of parturients healthy, subjected to serological and molecular screening for blood-borne diseases.

Plasma makes up approximately 55% of the total blood volume. It is a complex, clear, straw-colored liquid with 7% protein, 91% water and 0.9% mineral salts. The majority (approximately 70%) of the total plasma protein is albumin, and other immunoglobulin plasma proteins, clotting factors, brinolytic proteins, proteases and protease inhibitors are also present in its composition, in addition to concentrations of growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines and stem cell growth activators, such as EGF, VEGF, IGFs, interferons and interleukins (ILs) 1.

The product is rich in growth factors necessary for the growth and survival of cells during development and to mediate tissue repair in injured sites under pathophysiological conditions.

Cellpraxis is currently investing in a clinical trial to assess the safety and tolerability of PlasmaCord® intravenous infusion in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome resulting from SARS-CoV-2 infection, who have received an indication for transfer to the intensive care unit ( ICU) by the responsible medical team, according to institutional criteria and protocols, with no therapeutic alternative.

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