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Who we are


Founded in 2008, Cellpraxis® is a bioengineering company that researches and develops innovative products and services in the areas of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, especially for diseases for which alternatives of existing treatments are not feasible or effective.

Cellpraxis® is part of the Axis Biotec Group, which has extensive experience in P, D & I and the translation of scientific research into safe and commercially viable therapeutic options

The company has as main targets the improvement or development of new techniques of cellular manipulation, tissue bioengineering, development of biomaterials and medical devices or equipment or equipment for therapeutic, diagnostic or prognostic purposes.

In its pipeline, Cellpraxis® presents a series of innovative products and services, at different stages of development, for orphan diseases or without therapeutic options, mainly in the areas of cardiology, neurodegenerative diseases, tissue repair of diagnoses, which represents an excellent opportunity.

The company also develops projects in partnership with renowned research institutions in Brazil and abroad. It is a model born of a sister company, Cryopraxis®, the first cell processing center dedicated to the collection and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord and placental blood in Brazil.


Search, develop and deliver innovative, effective and safe therapeutic options in cell therapy, benefiting thousands of patients and increasing their longevity.


Achieve a leading position in the regenerative medicine industry.


Innovation, ethics and quality.

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