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Brazilian companies invest in Advanced Therapy Products (PTAs)

Cryopraxis, the largest cell processing center dedicated to the collection and storage of umbilical cord and placental blood in the country, through the subsidiary Cellpraxis, has been encouraging a great innovation policy in the Biotechnology sector for two decades

Across the world, several Advanced Therapy Products (PTAs) – biological for therapeutic purposes, obtained from human cells and tissues that have undergone a manufacturing process – are approved and being commercialized. Estimates indicate that the sector’s global market is expected to grow exponentially, up to 17.4% per year, reaching US $ 9.6 billion by 2026, according to a report published by Grand View Research. In Brazil, the recent regulation of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) favors investments in Research and Development in the area. The Resolution of the Collegiate Board (RDC) 338/2020 of the body created a safe regulatory environment for the approval of products of this nature.

Thus, from now on, Cryopraxis, the largest umbilical cord and placental blood collection and storage company in the country, through its subsidiary CellPraxis, which has been encouraging a great innovation policy in the Biotechnology sector for two decades, will focus even more efforts on Advanced Therapy Products (PTAs).

– These products are a great therapeutic promise for complex diseases and without available medical alternatives and at the same time a challenge to the development of control mechanisms that guarantee their quality, safety and effectiveness – explains Eduardo Cruz, CEO of Cryopraxis.

According to Eduardo Cruz, Cryopraxis and CellPraxis will continue the development and application of one of their main products, PlasmaCord®. The formulation, which combines anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities in its composition, obtained from umbilical cord and placental blood, is being tested even in the therapeutic process of severe acute respiratory syndrome resulting from infection in patients with Covid-19.

– We are on the threshold of real cell therapy and regenerative medicine in Brazil. Until recently, there was no adequate regulatory environment, but Anvisa innovated and today Brazil is the only country in Latin America with clear and defined rules. This new environment contributes not only to the development of new Advanced Therapy Products but also puts the national industry on the radar of foreign investors – said CellPraxis GM, Hugo Cabrera.

Cryopraxis is currently the largest umbilical cord and placental stem cell bank in Latin America, responsible for the storage and processing of more than 40 thousand samples. Throughout its nearly 20-year history, the company has achieved absolute leadership in the sector by maintaining the main international quality assurance certificates and credits and good management practices, including that of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), which attests that its units are suitable for use in transplant centers inside and outside Brazil.

Founded in 2008, CellPraxis Bioengineering is one of the first companies to dedicate itself to Advanced Therapy Products in Brazil, working in the area of ​​Regenerative Medicine, especially in diseases for which treatment alternatives are non-existent or are not effective. Cellpraxis is part of the Axis Biotec Group, which has extensive experience in Research and Development and in translating scientific research into safe and commercially viable therapeutic options.


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